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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treat your Body Right by Using Capella Flavor Drops

Did you know that the average individual consumes 450 calories in beverages a day? That equals to 29 unwanted pounds a year. When constantly drinking beverages that are high in calories and sugar like soda, juices, coffees and teas it becomes easy to pack on the pounds. Water is truly the best and most thirst quenching beverage you can drink. Although it is great for our bodies after a while the bland taste of water just doesn’t make the cut and we tend to opt for those beverages high in sugar.

That is why at Capella Flavor Inc. we make great tasting flavor enhancing drops to create a wide variety of beverage options without adding on those extra pounds. Our specially made water flavors are made with a natural sweetener called Stevia and does not contain calories, carbs, sugars, sodium, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, fats or gluten! Bring your water flavor drops on the go with you anywhere so you will never be tempted to order a high calorie beverage again. Capella water flavoring drops allow you to enjoy guilt free, tasty, and thirst quenching beverage whenever you want!



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