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Friday, May 27, 2011

Liven Up your Medifast Diet with Capella Flavor Drops

Medifast is a meal replacement program that was developed to help dieters achieve healthy weight loss. The meals offered through the Medifast diet program are created with low-fat proteins and fiber. They are also prepared with vitamins and nutrients, so participants in the Medifast program are able to lose weight without losing any nutrition.

The Medifast program has changed people's lives and has taught dieters how to lose weight without giving up their nutrition. This diet program has been altered into several different plans so that people of all ages and health conditions can participate and learn healthy eating habits. From teens to those who have Type 2 Diabetes, Medifast is quickly becoming the go to diet program for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds and begin living a healthier lifestyle.

However, the Medifast foods, while healthy, have caught a bad rap for their lack of flavor.  This has left a number of dieters discouraged and even caused some to quit the program entirely.

Medifast dieters have claimed Capella flavor drops as their lifesaver when they were on the verge of giving up. Adding Capella flavor drops to your Medifast food options will enhance the taste of your diet foods, and for once, you can actually enjoy sticking to your diet. Shakes, puddings, and oatmeal are just a few of many Medifast food recipes dieters love to add their favorite flavor drops to.

Visit the Capella Flavor Drops website to learn more Medifast recipes using our amazing flavor drops!

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The Best Way to Stay Hydrated this Summer!

One of the most important rules of outdoor summer safety is proper hydration. When out in the heat, it is important to keep our bodies hydrated to prevent suffering from conditions such as heat stroke.

Water is the best beverage to quench your thirst and hydrate your body. However, after your first thirst-quenching glass, water's lack of flavor might leave you looking for something more. Typically after one glass of water, people than turn to high-calorie beverages like juices and soft drinks.  Although made with water, teas and coffees are also beverages that fail to give our bodies the hydration and nutrition it needs.

Flavored water is a summer hydration solution that satisfies your body's nutritional needs and your taste buds. At Capella Flavor Drops, we offer our customers water flavorings that allow you to choose from a variety of flavor-enhanced beverages for your thirst-quenching needs. Our amazing water flavors are made with the natural sweetener Stevia and do not contain any carbs or calories! Using a natural sweetener such as Stevia offers you the ability to consume great tasting beverages guilt free. It also creates great summer drinks for diabetics, because Stevia does not affect insulin levels.

Visit our site to browse through our variety of amazing water flavors that include Blueberry Pomegranate, Cherry, Concord Grape, Pear, Orange Mango and more!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Spice Up your Mornings with Capella Flavor Drops!

Wake yourself up with our taste enhancing flavor drops that add a delicious kick to your morning cup of Joe. Capella flavor drops give you the ability to experience a different flavor with each individual cup of coffee. Now you can have a different flavor each morning without having to purchase several different types of coffee.

Utilizing flavor drops is great for families and they are portable, so they are great for the workplace. When there are several coffee drinkers who each have different flavor preferences, Capella flavor drops is the solution to satisfy everyone's flavor cravings!

Capella flavor drops are non-oil based and water soluble. They do not contain any fats, calories, sweeteners, preservatives, additives, gluten or carbs! With a low-calorie coffee solution like flavor drops you can add as much flavor to your morning coffee, without worry about any extra calories.

Capella Flavors to try with your next cup of coffee:
-    Cappuccino
-    Amaretto
-    Caramel
-    French Vanilla
-    Hazelnut
-    Chocolate Coconut Almond
-    Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Those are just a few! Visit our site to see a complete list of all of our available taste enhancing flavors!